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We Help You Choose Wisely

At Smile Big Dental Specialists, we believe in providing our Oakbrook Terrace, IL patients with orthodontics options. Many dentists have shifted from providing metal braces to offering Invisalign® exclusively. But we don’t believe either situation is right for everyone. While some patients could use the traditional metal braces method for straightening teeth, Invisalign®’s convenience is better for others. It depends on various factors, all of which we take into consideration before recommending a plan. With braces, we can match the metal to your enamel color, for example.


The Differences Between Metal Braces and Invisalign

At Smile Big Dental Specialists, we want our patients to understand the importance of orthodontics. But we also want them to know the differences between metal braces and Invisalign®:


Generally, Invisalign® aligners will be more expensive than braces. On average, clear aligners will cost around $5,000, while braces can range from $1,800 to $5,500. But they act quicker, are clear and unobtrusive, can be removed, and allow for a broader range of foods. However, they are not ideal for bridgework, back tooth bite issues, rotating canines or premolars, moving teeth vertically, or patients who lack self-discipline.

Metal Braces

The lower cost of braces might be more convenient for cash-strapped individuals. Even though you cannot remove them, they’re more noticeable and take longer. There are some clear benefits vs. Invisalign. For example, they are more effective in complex situations, and only individuals who play contact sports regularly should avoid them.

We Work With You to Create a Personalized Plan

At Smile Big Dental Specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized care to each patient. And nowhere is that more apparent than in our willingness to find the best solution for misaligned teeth. Every person is different. For example, some of our patients have a strong sense of personal responsibility and straightforward bite issues, making them ideal candidates for Invisalign®. It’s okay if that doesn’t apply to you because metal braces can work for virtually anyone. All you have to do is take the first step toward better oral health.

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