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At Smile Big Dental Specialists, we emphasize patient comfort and health at all times. Dental health is important. Our dentists, orthodontists, and staff work together to ensure each individual we treat gets the best care possible. X-rays, exams, and dental cleanings are essential tools for ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy. Twice a year, schedule an appointment with our team, and we will make sure everything is as it should be. The benefits of being proactive with your regular checkups include healthier teeth and gums and a renewed peace of mind and confidence.

Thorough, Twice-Yearly Dental Examinations

The first step in any semi-annual dental appointment is the exam. We need to perform a visual inspection of all your teeth and your gums. This inspection process allows us to understand your overall oral health – and check for decay or periodontal disease. While there are some dental diseases and conditions where the symptoms are visible, others require x-rays to diagnose. Either way, the exam portion of your routine checkup is essential.

X-Rays Allow Us to Gain a Clearer Picture of Your Health

Once we are finished performing the visual examination, we’ll take x-rays. This step allows us to get a clear picture of what is happening with your teeth. They can reveal dental decay and diseases, as well as any other structural damage. By utilizing this technology, our dentists can confirm their visual inspection of your teeth and begin a treatment plan. The x-ray process is painless and doesn’t take long, minimizing the hindrance placed on our patients.

We Clean Tartar and Plaque from Teeth

Over time, plaque and tartar – the two causes of cavities – build up on the enamel of your teeth. Even patients with superb brushing and flossing habits will have plaque buildup because it occurs in areas too difficult for a toothbrush or floss to reach. During a cleaning, we will scrape all plaque and tartar from your teeth. This process ensures your teeth stay clean until your next dentists’ appointment.

We Invest in Your Oral Health

At Smile Big Dental Specialists, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a standard of care that rises above others in our area. We develop relationships with those who visit us, and we love to watch families grow over the years. Make a long-term investment in your oral health by visiting our practice. We will treat you like family.

Why People Love Us

Client Testimonials

Gina H.

I have over 15 years experience in clinical dentistry and dental laboratory management. I can honestly say that Dr. Arredondo gives the best, most honest care that I have ever received. He does great work, its pain free, the office is clean, staff is professional. My parents also go here and they really love him as well. I've worked for a lot of Dentists who, in my opinion, treatment plan extra services just to bill extra production. That IS NOT the case at this office. They will take care of your needs and nothing more/nothing less. Rest assured. As a patient of this office for upwards of 7 years... I highly recommend Smile Big Dental Specialists.

Reyna S.

My boyfriend and I visited their new location at 1S376 Summit Ave in Oak Brook Terrace, IL and absolutely adored the place. The location was very clean and updated and the staff was friendly as well as informative! I hadn't been to the dentist in a while so I'm outdated on technology but it was amazing to see the newer instruments used for the X-rays and cleanings! My hygienist David was very gentle, kind and answered everything I had questions about. The doctor came in later after my cleaning and went over everything again and informed me on how to properly care for the issues I was having...

Kekee R.

Had a stressful procedure- thought I was going in for a consultation- With that being said, I would like to thank Dr. T & Jocelyn- both were awesome, friendly & very informative. Jocelyn was welcoming from the day I made my Initial appointment. I commend Dr T for being compassionate and caring! I will recommend this office to everyone I know! I‘m grateful to have finally found a dentist office I can trust! Worth the hassle and large amount of coins! Best dentist office around!!!! Thanks again!

Keli C.

Best dentist. Treats you like family. Easy to talk with about issues.

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